TARDIS Thoughts: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...


I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

...As the Doctor likes to say.

I know I'm behind on the NaBloPoMo posts. I just chose to focus on other things this last weekend, things that hadn't been getting done due to my focus on this NaBloPoMo thing. It's been tough to keep up with stuff due to my work shifts, where I have been working most of the afternoon, not getting home till 10:30pm, then having to try to watch a Doctor Who episode and get an analysis up by midnight. Because of the late hours, I then tend to sleep in in the morning, resulting in not much time before I have to catch the bus to work.

I'm not usually someone who posts a blog post every day. Weekly, maybe, but not daily. This was my first attempt to post daily since I started my personal blog way back in December 2004. I wonder if I lack the discipline. Because it's been quite stressful to do this, and quite a few posts I didn't finish by midnight and had to change the date on to make them be on the right day, which I feel bad about because it seems dishonest.

I wish this hadn't become so stressful. It started out as a fun endeavor, but gradually became stressful as I began forcing myself to watch an episode and write an analysis right after coming home from work, even if I wanted to do something else, like just take a shower and go to bed. Some days I was able to watch the episode early in the day, then have my whole work shift to mull it over before writing the post when I got home. Those were better days. And with the end of Series 1, I watched a bunch of episodes at once on a day off then wrote the analyses on the days they were supposed to be posted (with the exception of "The Christmas Invasion," where I watched the episode over breakfast and wrote the analysis that same evening).

So...I will try to get the delayed posts up ASAP and get back on track. But I am starting to think I will never do this daily post thing again. Or if I do, I will watch a bunch of episodes at once, write the analyses, and schedule them to post on the appropriate date. I did this with my initial Series 2 posts.

When Series 7 starts again, though, I am going to try to do weekly posts, on Saturday or Sunday, for the new episodes. That, at least, I think I can stick to.

Well, just wanted to get that off my chest. Allons-y Ponds...

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