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Series 7 Part 2 Details

So, between a news roundup at Cultbox.uk and a breakdown of the Series 7 Part 2 trailer by Doctorwhotv.co.uk, some details have come out about Series 7 Part 2. Warning: not all this info is confirmed.

Episode 7 (opener)

-Rumored title: "The Bells of St Johns"
-Written by Steven Moffat
-A modern urban thriller (confirmed by Moffat)
-Involves a "monster in the Wi-fi" (confirmed by Matt Smith)
-The Doctor finds Clara in this episode (DoctorWhoTV)
-Shots of Matt Smith on a plane from trailer rumored to be from this ep
-Shots from the trailer of the Doctor and Clara on a motorcycle and the scene of the painting of Clara along with the woman saying "she's pretty isn't she" are from this ep; the clip of Clara in between those two clips is probably from this ep too.

Episode 8

-Title: "The Rings of Akhaten"
-Written by Neil Cross (creator of the BBC miniseries Luther)
-Involves an alien planet (Moffat)
-The trailer shots of Clara in an alien market, as well as a couple shots of a monster in a glass cell, are possibly from this ep

Episode 9

-Rumored title: "The Cold War"
-Written by Mark Gatiss (a long-time writer, actor, etc with Doctor Who; also created Sherlock with Moffat)
-Takes place in a submarine under siege (Moffat)
-Several shots in the trailer from this: "Who the hell are you," the Doctor and a sea captain getting attacked, the icebergs and a man getting grabbed by some water
-Guest stars Liam Cunningham and Josh O'Connor
-Rumored to feature the return of the Ice Warriors (an enemy originating from the Second Doctor era, like the Great Intelligence)

Episode 10

-Rumored title: "Phantoms of the Hex" (may be confirmed)
-Written by Neil Cross (creator of the BBC miniseries Luther)
-A ghost story (Moffat)
-Dougray Scott guest stars
-Possible trailer shots from this ep: Clara with candles, Clara with Dougray Scott, shot of a ghost

Episode 11

-Title: "Journey to the Center of the TARDIS"
-Written by Steven Thompson (previously wrote Series 6 episode "The Curse of the Black Spot"; has also worked with Moffat and Gatiss on Sherlock)
-We'll see more of the TARDIS than ever before (Moffat)
-Guest stars Ashley Walters as one of a trio of brothers who are a space salvage crew; also Jahvel Hall as Tricky.
-The shots of the green-lit halls and of Walters and crew from the trailer are from this ep.

Episode 12

-Title: "The Crimson Horror"
-Written by Mark Gatiss (a long-time writer, actor, etc with Doctor Who; also created Sherlock with Moffat)
-Featured guest stars: Dame Diana Rigg and her real-life daughter Rachael Sterling
-Jenny, Vastra, and Strax appear
-Very camp (Sterling, Moffat)
-Trailer shot of creepy monsters in top hats and suits possibly from this ep
-The Doctor gets a new Victorian costume in this ep (Matt Smith)

Episode 13

-Title: "The Last Cyberman"
-The long-awaited episode written by well-known fantasy writer Neil Gaiman (he also wrote the 11th Doctor episode "The Doctor's Wife")
-Featured guest stars: Tanizin Outhwaite as Capt. Alice, Warwick Davis as Porridge
-Features the return of the Cybermen; Moffat asked Gaiman to make them "scary again" (much the way they made the Daleks scary again in the Series 7 Part 1 opener).
-Some obvious shots of this ep in the trailer: shots of the Cybermen themselves, also shot of Clara with a resistance group and Clara holding a gun.
-New design for the Cybermen
-Takes place on a "mysterious planet" (official site)

Episode 14 (Finale)

-Written by Steven Moffat
-Strax, Jenny, and Vastra appear
-River Song will supposedly appear (hinted by Alex Kingston; all she said was "Well, I just got back from filming in Wales..... Spoilers!")
-Rumored that Dr. Simeon (from the Christmas Special) will reappear (Doctor Who Series 7 2013: What We Know)


Well, just wanted to make you guys aware of this news!!

Edit: This article also gives a good rundown of what we know about Series 7.

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