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Change of Plans

I've been thinking. And I think, instead of writing the Series 7 posts and leaving them in draft till I finish the rest of the series, I will write and post them this week. We are just over a week away from Christmas, after all, so the Christmas Special is coming fast. So it'll be a sort of "Countdown to Christmas." How does that sound?

In other news, Doctor Who won the TV Guide Fan Favorites Cover contest, meaning that Matt Smith is gracing the cover of the latest issue. The cover story deals mostly with the history and fandom of Doctor Who, but also reveals a bit about the Christmas Special, mostly stuff we kind of knew already from the trailer. But some new stuff was revealed as well. The new companion's full name is Governess Clara Oswin. The article also hints at a definite connection between her and Oswin Oswald, the character Jenna-Louise Coleman played in "Asylum of the Daleks." Specifically, the article says: "Coleman actually debuted in this fall's premiere as Oswin Oswald, a brainiac techie trapped inside a Dalek. How one woman becomes the other will presumedly be answered in the December 25 Christmas episode, which is set in Victorian London." We also find out from this article why the Doctor's in Victorian London in the first place - he's been hanging out there to deal with his grief over losing Amy & Rory. It's clear that the Doctor takes losing his Companions hard. (We see a similar reaction from the Tenth Doctor over losing Rose). But then he does say in the Dream Lord episode that he chooses his friends carefully.

The article also gives a hint of what's ahead for Series 7 part 2. The episode Neil Gaiman wrote will be part of it, and will feature the return of the Cybermen. There will also be a special entitled An Adventure in Space and Time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the franchise. Steven Moffat is quoted in the article as saying he's got huge plans for the actual anniversary celebrations, but won't say what they are.

Oh and also, for those of you Whovians still looking for Whovian Christmas gifts, the DVD of Series 7 Part 1 is now out in stores. I saw it at Target the other day.

So look forward to those Series 7 posts this week!

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