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New banner

This is just a quick post to point out that I have finally made my own custom banner for this blog! I got the dimensions by doing "view source" and looking at the CSS to get the height of the header wrapper, then finding out the length from the Header widget editor, which said images would be cropped down to 970 pixels long. The pics of the Doctor and the TARDIS are from Sonic Biro and are from an animated special called "Dreamland." I thought the animated look looked cool, and it would also be different than some Doctor Who website banners I've seen. The background is a stock pic from DeviantArt called Nebula Effects Fractal Stock. The subtitle font is a font I already had installed from another project called Dactylographe, while the main title is, obviously, the Doctor Who font. Both are from DaFont.

To finish things up I need to make a favicon. But I don't think I'm going to do that tonight. By tomorrow though definitely.

Good night!

Edit 12.17.2012 12:00 PM: I made and uploaded the favicon. It's not showing up yet (it usually takes time for favicons to show up) but it should shortly. Will check back later today to see if it worked. I tried to make it match the banner by using the same background and the same Doctor Who font in the same colors. I also added a TARDIS icon in the background; that icon comes from findicons.com.

Edit 12.17.2012 1:07 PM: Favicon is showing up in IE, Chrome, and Firefox. Didn't like how old one looked though, so remade and reuploaded it. New one not yet showing up but will soon. New one just features TARDIS icon, background and "initials" for the blog - TA TH - in that Doctor Who font, in the same colors.

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