TARDIS Thoughts: Facebook page? Twitter? Too soon? Plus a rearranged sidebar


Facebook page? Twitter? Too soon? Plus a rearranged sidebar

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying my Countdown to Christmas post series.

I have a question. I would like to promote TARDIS Thoughts as much as possible. And one way to do that might be through social media. I have the option to do it easily on Google+ via my Blogger dashboard. But I am thinking Facebook and Twitter for this question.

Do you guys think it is too soon for me to make a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page for TARDIS Thoughts? This blog is only a couple months old, and I don't want to rush into things. On the other hand, I have experience running a Facebook fan page (I have one for my website Myu Corner and co-admined one for this YouTube band I was part of for a little while) and run three Twitter accounts currently (personal, writing promotion-related, and web design portfolio-related; I also technically run the Twitter for that YouTube band still though I never check it now...if you want to see our lame attempts at a band go to ReiliaAmyLara on YouTube - I'm the "Lara" in that name. I'm thinking of turning all our social media accounts - Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube - over to the girl who started the band in the first place, since she's the only one who still cares about it). So I could make it work. Going to think about it.

In other news, I re-arranged the blog's sidebar slightly to make it neater and also to accommodate the AdSense widget I added. I blocked any categories I thought inappropriate, so hopefully no inappropriate ads will show up here (I blocked all the sensitive categories and a few in General - including video games because some ads for online games are not very appropriate). I'll keep an eye out though.

So anyway, just putting the question out there. Enjoy your happily Mayan apocalypse-free day (so far) and enjoy the Doctor Who specials marathon on BBC America, leading up to the List of Lists special tonight. I'm going to get ready to do some Christmas shopping. Cheers!

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