TARDIS Thoughts: Classic Who: Update, plus Series 7 Part 2 Release Date


Classic Who: Update, plus Series 7 Part 2 Release Date

So about the "Classic Who" thing I posted about before. I finally got around to actually reading the Doctor Who blogs I subscribed to (I followed all the blogs listed in the "Doctor Who Blogverse" blogroll in the sidebar - I highly recommend the official Tumblr in particular) and learned that some of the classic eps will be re-aired on TV next year as part of the 50th anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, that probably means UK TV, and I'm a Yank. But hopefully I can still watch them somehow; either that or hopefully BBC America will hook us Yanks up with something.

Another thing I learned from the blogverse is that Series 7 Part 2 does indeed have an announced date: April 2013. I saw this on a couple blogs - including the one on the official BBC website. No more specifics than that have been given as of yet.

Oh and according to The Fourth Dimension (the special behind-the-scenes info section BBC One does for each Doctor Who episode on their Who website), the exterior scenes of the asylum planet in "Asylum of the Daleks" were actually shot in the deserts of Spain while the crew was on location in Spain shooting "A Town Called Mercy." I thought that snow looked weird!

Well just wanted to post that! Will get back to the episode analyses soon.

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