TARDIS Thoughts: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Whovians! Hope you all had a great time counting down to 2013! I got to count down twice cause my brother and I celebrated early (about 11:30) with Martinelli's and poppers cause he was going somewhere, and then later I celebrated by myself with some more Martinelli's and Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve (a.k.a. The New Year's Eve Show Really Hosted By Ryan Seacrest).

So we have till April to wait for the new episodes of Series 7. I'm going to try to truly catch up on the show this time. As much as I can anyway. But not too quickly or I'll run out of stuff to blog about, won't I? Well, I guess not cause I can write about the new episodes. I assume we'll have at least 1 other Series after this; I think Matt Smith is signed on for a couple more years to play the Doctor. Some people are saying the show's going to end soon because the Doctor doesn't have any more regenerations left. To be honest, I don't know how many he has. I swore he had at least 12, meaning we'll get at least one more Doctor, but I could be wrong. Or they could retcon the number to prolong the show. We'll see.

Anyway Happy New Year, and look forward to more posts from TARDIS Thoughts in the coming months!

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